10/12/2014 16:32
Medfel 2015, organized by Sud de France Développement and by the Languedoc-Roussillon region, will focus on apples. Under the high patronage of the Ministry of Agriculture and Agrofood and Forestal policies, the business fair on Mediterranean fruit and vegetables will take place, for the fourth consecutive year, from 21 to 23 April 2015 at the Parc de Expositions in Perpignan. ... Read More
19/11/2014 14:18
Good news for Greek olive oil producers as Spanish production is reduced this year, a Bloomber report says. Greece will double its olive oil production in order to offset the decrease in Spain. ... Read More
19/11/2014 14:14
Pink Lady Europe forecasts approximately 150,000 metric tons of apples will be supplied from the three main growing regions of Spain, Italy and France this season. General director Thierry Mellenotte is particularly pleased with this outlook. ... Read More
19/11/2014 14:07
“Labelling showing the possible postharvest treatment of citruses with preservants or other chemicals is necessary to ensure an adequate tutelage of customers. The high level of tutelage guaranteed by EU policies must be ensured to consumers both inside and outside the EU”. ... Read More


The world's interest in organic products continues. In the majority of industrialized States in the Western part of the world, the market is developing in a positive way, as underlined by Biofach, the fair dedicated to organic products scheduled to be held in Nuremberg from 11th to 14th February 2015, where 2,200 exhibitors are expected. ... Read More
Due to the inflation rate which is currently double the standard one in Russia, the prices of a good amount of food and vegetables products is rising. ... Read More
The gradually lowering offer of EU table grapes is leading to an increase in prices. Currently, despite the presenCe of just harvested grapes on markets, the majority of the offer is made of stocked product. ... Read More
Something is changing in Europe. The election of Paolo De Castro as representative of the Agriculture Commission of the EU Parliament dfor negotiations on free trade between the EU and the US currently happening is a good news for Italy. ... Read More

Publication date: 2013-01-18
The long process of transition that followed the protests of Tahrir square and the fall of Mubarak, had a very negative impact on Egyptian economy in 2012 and nothing or little can be seen in these first weeks of 2013 that gives hope to a future of growth, political stability and to the return of tourism to its pre-revolution levels. The economic scenario in Tunisia seems fragile, with a 2012 that marked a +3% of the GNP compared to an economically disastrous 2011 (the year of the jasmine revolution). The situation of post-Gheddafi Libya is hard to define but its however still chaotic while in Syria the tragedy of a bloody civil war that seems neverending and continues to show its effects, destroying the economy of the Country. In the ... read more
Sentence of the Week

“On young people we need to invest more and better. We know very well how difficult the current situation is, but we shouldn’t forget that even in famine periods farmers cuts everything is possible, but not the seed. Young people represent the seed that we must preserve.”

(Cosimo Lacirignola, head of MAI-Bari)


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