11/08/2015 17:02
Like every year apple producers from the EU met in Merano (Italy), EU's biggest production area of apples, at the beginning of August to present and comment the production forecasts for the season that will soon start. ... Read More
11/08/2015 17:00
Although decreasing of 3,1% against last year, the European production of peppers appears to be a prerogative of Spain, and more precisely of the province of Almeria. This emerged from a study by Eurostat, elaborated by the Council of Agriculture of Andalusia. ... Read More
11/08/2015 16:58
The European Union and Vietnam reached an agreement on free trade that “will remove almost all duties on goods between the two economies”, as reported by the EU Commission, reminding us that the agreement comes after two and a half years of negotiations. ... Read More
11/08/2015 16:56
The production of early varieties of mandarins in the Valencian Community in Spain in 2015/16 might drop of 40% compared to the previous year. ... Read More


Forecasts speak of an important increase of volumes against last year. The production of raspberries, strawberries, cherries and grapes will increase. Apples will mark 350.000 tonnes of product of optimal quality. ... Read More
The Spanish branch of Lidl reported to have bought products from the Iberian food industry for a value of 3 billion euros in 2014; 1.5 billion of these, according to Miguel Paradela, purchase senior manager of Lidl Spain, were exported. ... Read More
In the last ten years, exports of Moroccan tomatoes to the EU have almost doubled, going from 355,420 tonnes (2005-2006) to 608,730 tonnes of the last campaign. This is the most relevant feature that emerges from the analysis made by Eurostacom (Icex-Eurostat) and then elaborated by Hortoinfo. ... Read More
Lowering forecasts for the 2015 stone fruit harvest in Spain. It was declared by Cooperativas Agro-Alimentarias de España who recently elaborated the updated data to be presented in Merano during Prognosfruit (5-7 August). ... Read More

Publication date: 2013-01-18
The long process of transition that followed the protests of Tahrir square and the fall of Mubarak, had a very negative impact on Egyptian economy in 2012 and nothing or little can be seen in these first weeks of 2013 that gives hope to a future of growth, political stability and to the return of tourism to its pre-revolution levels. The economic scenario in Tunisia seems fragile, with a 2012 that marked a +3% of the GNP compared to an economically disastrous 2011 (the year of the jasmine revolution). The situation of post-Gheddafi Libya is hard to define but its however still chaotic while in Syria the tragedy of a bloody civil war that seems neverending and continues to show its effects, destroying the economy of the Country. In the ... read more
Sentence of the Week

“On young people we need to invest more and better. We know very well how difficult the current situation is, but we shouldn’t forget that even in famine periods farmers cuts everything is possible, but not the seed. Young people represent the seed that we must preserve.”

(Cosimo Lacirignola, head of MAI-Bari)


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