27/02/2015 16:02
On 18 February, the contact group formed by delegations from Italy, Spain and France, met in Huelva (Spain), to report on the situation of the strawberry market. ... Read More
27/02/2015 15:57
The collaboration between the Consortium From Italian Alps and Ice's office in New York continues with a promotional activity that started on February 14th in the supermarket chain Corrado's, in New Jersey. ... Read More
27/02/2015 15:53
In 2014, Holland registered an exponential increase of its organic fruit and vegetables exports. A relevant improvement due mainly to the increase of the volumes of organic products grown in greenhouses. ... Read More
27/02/2015 15:49
An official of the Jordan government reported that the country's fruit and vegetables has been exported to fifity new end markets in 2014, thus increasing also agricultural exports of 12% compared to 2013. ... Read More


“A lot with 700.000 plants of table grapes of different varieties was stopped because our importer in North Africa, Agromillora Méditerranée, faced strong oppositions. It couldn't reach Tripoli from Tunisi”. ... Read More
In 2014, the total turnover made by Dutch exports of organic agrofood products reached the total value of 928 million euros, increasing of 11% compared to 2013. ... Read More
EU agri-food is appreciated on the US market, but red tape and other obstacles to trade stop EU exports entering the market and must be removed if the free trade talks between the EU and US are to succeed. ... Read More
A third instalment of aid for Polish fruit and vegetable growers could be on the cards, following a government amendment to a regulation that will open up additional EU support for those affected by the Russian ban. ... Read More

Publication date: 2013-01-18
The long process of transition that followed the protests of Tahrir square and the fall of Mubarak, had a very negative impact on Egyptian economy in 2012 and nothing or little can be seen in these first weeks of 2013 that gives hope to a future of growth, political stability and to the return of tourism to its pre-revolution levels. The economic scenario in Tunisia seems fragile, with a 2012 that marked a +3% of the GNP compared to an economically disastrous 2011 (the year of the jasmine revolution). The situation of post-Gheddafi Libya is hard to define but its however still chaotic while in Syria the tragedy of a bloody civil war that seems neverending and continues to show its effects, destroying the economy of the Country. In the ... read more
Sentence of the Week

“On young people we need to invest more and better. We know very well how difficult the current situation is, but we shouldn’t forget that even in famine periods farmers cuts everything is possible, but not the seed. Young people represent the seed that we must preserve.”

(Cosimo Lacirignola, head of MAI-Bari)


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