The program of our 5th Green Med Forum, held on 21-23 November in Granada, was made lively by B2B meetings between export companies and buyers from some important Russian importers. Eastern Europe was actually the reference market of this edition.
12/12/2012 12:18

Creating a virtuous network in the Mediterranean area to enhance the strong points and to make diversities a resource and not a weakness. This is the aim of our Green Med Forum, characterized as in this edition too by a rich variety of events: conferences, b2b meetings and technical visits.

The event was inaugurated on the evening of November 21st, in the beutiful scenario of the Alhambra Palace Restaurant, where the Green Med Awards were presented.

(See the Photogallery of the 5th Green Med Forum in Granada, click here)

On Tuesday 22nd, the plenary session was opened with the speeches by FAECA president, a representative of the Andalusiam Agricultural ministry and by an representative of the Spanish Minister of Agriculture, while Sebastien Abis from the Parisian Ciheam talked about the challenges of Mediterranean agricolture.

Challenges that come from the necessity of cooperation, enhancing and exporting the model of the Mediterranean diet considering the increase of the global population that in the next 30 years is estimated to reach at least 9 billions, as Cosimo Lacirignola, general director of the Iam of Bari, underlined. This will impose a drastic increase of about 70% of the global agricultural production demand, at the same time optimizing the use of land and water. In all this, the role of the Mediterranean is strategic but a winning economic and cultural model must de defined.

The plenary session continued with the interesting speech of Philippe Binard, general manager of Freshfel (pictured), who underlined how, considering the EU, export is the only active voice in a fruit and vegetables sector otherwise going through a drop in production and consumption.
In this context, the relation with the Eastern EU markets, as confirmed by Begoña Jiménez from the  of Spanish association Fepex, the role of Russia is more and more important and Spanish exports are heading towards the Russian colossus too.
So, after the overall look on the Russian market made by the editor of Russia Fruit Magazine, Vadim Aniskin, came the turn of some interesting case studies such as Nevskaya (Russia), La Palma, Unica Group and Centrosur (Spain).Space has been given to logistics too, with considerations made by Angel Diaz Sol, president of the Motril port authority and by Erminia Perbellini, president of Veronamercato.

The second day ended with the successful B2B meetings (pictured below) between entrepeneurs and buyers.

The last day was dedicated to technical visits to some important fruit and vegetables and olive oil Companies: Unica Group, La Palma, Comotrans, Tierras Altas, Sca San Sebastian and the port of Granada-Motril.

The event has been coordinated by the Green Med staff, headed by Antonio Felice, in the amazing setting of Granada and of its surroundings characterized by an extreme landscape and climate variety that permits to sky on the Sierra Nevada and to taste, a few km away, the sweet tropical fruit that in Europe is grown only here. As Lacirignola said, the Green Med Forum is one of the few meetings that links knowledge with action.

See the Photogallery of the 5th Green Med Forum in Granada, click here


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