During the last campaign (from September 2013 to July 2014), Spain's exports of tomatoes dedicated to canteens reached the total of almost one billion euros.
09/10/2014 13:51

An important data obtained thanks to an “old style” distribution aimed mainly at traditional markets, and that seems to not be affected by the ruthless competition coming from products originally from Mediterranean and extra EU countries.

According to datas released by Estacom, the total volume of tomatoes exported during the recently closed campaign was of 957.43 million kilos which meant an income of 949,43 million for Spain. The Old Continent absorbed 99,97% of total exports while the EU28 94,11% thanks to the over nine hundread million kilos purchased. Among the counrties of the Community, the main destination is Germany which represents 20,9% of the total with 200,10 million kilos purchased and 234,27 million euros paied. Secondly comes France that, with a total of 141,57 million kilos, represents 14,79% of tomatoes exports. In terms of value this translates in 120,52 million euros, at the average price of 0,85 euro/kg. The third dend market is the United Kingdom with 137,84 million kilos gor the value of 129,88 million euros, followed by the Netherlands (125,39 million kilos for 133,06 million euros) and Poland (59,30 million kilos for 47,26 million euros).

Italy is the sixth most important country for exports of Spanish tomatoes: with 52,56 million kilos of fresh tomatoes purchased, it represents 5,49% of Spain's exports. The average purchase price is 0,61 euro/KG for a total of 31,87 millions. The Russian market,which is now lost, made 4,05% of tomato exports: 38,76 million kilos sold at the average price of 1,04 euro/KG created 40,49 million euros. 


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